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Data Citation Protocol

APCA collates and publishes payments information and fraud data for the benefit of the payments industry, regulatory agencies and the general public.  It is important that any APCA member, or other person, wishing to use or rely on APCA data or information in any document, publication or marketing material (“User”), should:

  • expressly acknowledge APCA as the source of the data or information using the citation protocol set out in this guide; and
  • expressly acknowledge that any interpretation, or conclusion formed on the basis, of the data or information, is entirely the User’s own.  No User may, expressly or impliedly, attribute any such interpretation or conclusion to APCA.  A disclaimer should be used in appropriate circumstances to avoid inadvertent attribution.

Accurate citation, or referencing, fulfils three functions.  It preserves an original author’s right to be acknowledged as the source of data or information.  It enables others to find and use the original data or information.  Importantly, it also facilitates validation of any interpretation, or conclusions formed on the basis, of the data or information by the User.

This document provides brief guidance on how to cite APCA material.  Users may have their own guidelines for citing resources.  This document does not intend to supersede those requirements, rather to act as an adjunct, indicating elements that should be included when citing APCA data or information. 

The style suggested in this guide is based on the author-date system outlined in the Style manual: for authors, editors and printers (2002).  This system uses in-text references and a reference list or bibliography at the end of the work.  In some circumstances, use of APCA data or information may be such that a bibliography is inappropriate or impractical, in which case it may be omitted. 

All Users of APCA data or information should cite 'Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited’ as the author/source, the title and date of the item.  The abbreviation 'APCA' may be used in in-text references if the full name and abbreviation ‘Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited (APCA)’ has been used in the first in-text reference.

When citing several works by APCA that have been published in the same year, Users should distinguish them from each other by attaching a lower-case alphabetic reference to the publication date.  For example, for the first set of fraud data published by APCA in 2011, the in-text reference would be (APCA, 2011a), the second (APCA, 2011b), and so on.  

Any User unsure of these requirements or the application of this protocol should contact APCA for advice.


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