Research and Discussion

The APCA Purpose and Role is to deliver improvements to the Australian payments system, not only through industry policy development but also by providing thought leadership.

Our research projects focus on topics where we believe there will be future change and development.  We offer our research to the payments industry and wider community with the aim of encouraging ongoing discussion and debate towards an improved payments system.

APCA ISO 20022

The ISO 20022 standard was identified in APCA's 2008 Low Value Payments Roadmap as a possible solution to the demands of Australian payment system users. ISO 20022 is an international framework for financial messaging standards. It is gaining use and recognition around the world as a vehicle for data-rich payments messaging. APCA has developed a voluntary, ISO 20022 specification for Australian payments. The specification document contains the non-binding technical schema for the Credit Transfer and Direct Debit messages typically exchanged between financial institutions. It also provides high level descriptions and examples of how to use the ISO 20022 framework.

To request a copy of the APCA ISO 20022 Specification contact APCA.

ICPACE ISO 20022 Research

In 2014, the International Council of Payment Association Chief Executives (ICPACE) asked Lipis Advisors to investigate the best practices for implementing ISO 20022. The research was designed to focus on how a community proceeds after the decision to adopt ISO 20022 to the actual implementation of the standard. This paper details lessons learned from communities that have completed adoption or are in the process of migrating to ISO 20022.

Online Payments

In 2009, APCA undertook to analyse the existing online payments market in Australia, review overseas comparisons and attempt to identify gaps in the online payments market for consideration by payment industry participants. The results of this work were published by APCA as a contribution to industry debate on this important topic.

Payments Industry Principles

The Principles for Payments Industry Self-Governance was developed by the International Council of Payment Association Chief Executives (ICPACE). The Principles are designed to improve payment system governance with an emphasis on effective co-regulatory partnership between industry participants and government regulators.

  • ICPACE: Principles of Payments Industry Self-Governance - Download PDF

Australian Payments Forum Research (2008 - 2014)

APCA supported the Australian Payments Forum, which commissioned research and discussion papers relating to aspects of the Australian payments system. These papers sought to stimulate discussion and do not necessarily represent the views of APCA, its members or any Australian Payments Forum participants.

  • The Innovation Journey: The last four years and into the future
    Prepared by RFI Consulting on 15 April 2013 - Download PDF
  • An Industry Approach to Fraud Prevention: The Current State of Play
    Prepared by APCA on 29 March 2010 - Download PDF
  • Competition and Coordination in the Australian Card Payments System
    Prepared by APCA on 27 March 2009 - Download PDF
  • Innovation in Payments - Discussion Paper Prepared by Edgar Dunn &
    Company Management Consultants on 17 March 2009 - Download PDF
  • Card Payments Forum - Discussion Paper Prepared by Access
    Economics Pty Limited on 21 October 2008 - Download PDF