APCA administers technological systems that provide an element of the core payments infrastructure, available to payments services providers.

APCA currently administers one infrastructure system, the Community of Interest Network (COIN), managed by a committee reporting to the APCA board. APCA provides the rules, procedures and decision-making framework enabling participation in the COIN.

The COIN Regulations and Procedures have the effect of a contract under seal between APCA and each of the system's participating members as well as between the participating members themselves.

The COIN is a high availability, managed network for multilateral secure transmission of payments files and messages between payments participants. It provides an alternative to point-to-point connectivity between payments participants.

Currently the COIN provides network services and connectivity for APCA's frameworks for cheques (APCS), direct credit and debit (BECS), and cards (IAC) as well as BPAY and certain Cardlink traffic.

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