Safeguard Against Skimming

Safeguard Against Skimming is an important payments industry initiative to help Australian retailers safeguard their businesses against card skimming fraud.

Every day, Australians make more than 10 million retail purchases using debit and credit cards at in-store terminals. Accepting card payments is safe, convenient and essential to the smooth operation of retail businesses.

Nonetheless, card skimming is a growing global problem and, at times, Australia has been specifically targeted. Without the right safeguards in place, any business that uses terminals is potentially at risk. The impact of skimming is significant - it can lead to loss of money, loss of customers and can undermine the reputation and credibility of businesses.

Working closely with representatives from the Australian Crime Commission, the Australian Federal Police and the NSW Police, APCA has designed and developed an industry education program for retailers on how to detect and prevent card skimming on their premises. The program, which is called Safeguard Against Skimming, includes two training videos (11mins each), an information brochure and other related training materials.

Training Videos

Safeguard Against Skimming part 1 – for retail employees

Discover the various methods of skimming terminals used by criminals. Learn what to watch out for and how you can prevent your terminal from being compromised.

Safeguard Against Skimming part 2 – for retail supervisors and managers

Tips for supervisors to ensure their terminals remain secure. Learn why it’s so important to train and educate not only yourself, but your entire staff in how to detect and prevent skimming attacks.

For more information on how to safeguard against skimming, retailers should contact their POS service provider. Some contact details and relevant links are provided below.


1800 039 025

Bank of Queensland


Bank of Western Australia

1800 243 444 (Select '3' for customer service)

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

1300 713 212


1800 243 444


1300 550 298

Commonwealth Bank




or 13 11 75 (ask for Merchant Administration)

Tyro Payments Limited