APCA members have the opportunity to influence development of payment system strategy, policy and regulation. APCA provides a venue for industry collaboration on these issues and routinely seeks members’ input on all aspects of its work to improve the payments system.

Currently, APCA has 100 members including the Reserve Bank of Australia, major and regional banks, building societies, credit unions, major retailers and other payments service providers. View members.

There are two major categories of APCA membership: Participant Members and Operator Members.

Participant Members

Participant membership is open to any organisation that directly participates in at least one recognised Australian payment system. Currently, the payment systems recognised represent around 99% by volume and value of all Australian non-cash payments and include systems managed by APCA, the card schemes, BPay and Austraclear. Participant members remain bound by the rules of the payment systems in which they participate.

At APCA, participant members have the right to participate in general meetings and in the appointment and election of directors to the APCA Board. They are classed as either “appointing” members or “electing” members, depending on the organisation's level of activity in the overall Australian payments system.   

Operator Members

This latest APCA membership category recognises the increasing importance of commercial operators of payments systems in the Australian economy. It seeks to engage all operators and managers of recognised payment systems in industry strategy and policy objectives to improve the Australian payments system.

Operator members have the right to be consulted on issues relevant to their payment stream, to attend various member meetings and to speak at APCA general meetings.

IAC Affiliates

IAC Affiliates are industry stakeholders that do not directly participate in the card payments industry as Issuers or Acquirers, or as Operator Members, but who participate indirectly by providing goods or services to those persons. View Members

Other Stakeholders

The wider payments community includes participants in non-recognised Australian payment systems including some APCA frameworks. APCA convenes various forums to share information and enable stakeholders to contribute to and provide feedback on payments matters. Invitations are extended to participants and other key payments organisations that do not meet the eligibility criteria for APCA membership. Read more.


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