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20 years APCA Anniversary

Australian Payments

In 2012, APCA celebrated its 20th anniversary as the payments industry's self-regulatory body.

The Australian payments system has enjoyed 20 years of continuous improvements since APCA was established on 18 February 1992. Who would then have predicted that electronic payments would come to dominate the business payments landscape, that cards would end up in every wallet or that the direct entry system would be adapted to support widespread internet and now mobile payments? APCA has been there as the vehicle for industry collaboration to support a vibrant payments marketplace.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary milestone, we celebrated with a number of events and initiatives during 2012. The launch of APCA's new website in February - the anniversary month - was the first of these, followed by an industry symposium in May 2012.

Read more about APCA's history and many notable achievements over the past 20 years here.

Chris Hamilton, CEO

Chris Hamilton

In 2012 APCA celebrated its 20th anniversary

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